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Ara macao

Red macaw

Canis latrans


Pongo pygmaeus


Panthera onca


Canis lupus beileyi

Mexican wolf

Bassariscus astutus


Dasypus novemcintus


Odocoileus virginianus

White-tailed deer

Romerolagus diazi


Aquila chrysaetos

Golden eagle

Tapirus bairdii

Central american Tapir

Urocyon cinereoargenteus

Grey fox

Danaus plexippus

Monarch butterfly

Leopardus pardalis


EXTINTO is a collective that seeks to generate awareness about extinct, threatened and endangered species through different creative expressions. The objective is to produce a change in human habits that have contributed to the extinction of plants and animals throughout the world.

As designers, we must create proposals that positively transform our environment and function as catalysts for new ideas. Through design, it is possible to generate a change in the mentality and practices that have contributed to this terrible situation.

EXTINTO carries out collaborations with artists, designers, NGOs, governmental organizations and anyone interested in collaborating and contributing to the development, diffusion and diversification of the project.

Instagram: extinto_net / Facebook:

Instagram: extinto_net / Facebook: